The meek may inherit the earth, but they sure get pushed around a lot in the meantime. At least in Joy Kessler’s case.

When the Lord was handing out backbones, Joy was on the phone with the insurance company appealing a claim that was, of course, ultimately denied. After thirty-nine-years of trying to muster the nerve to stand up for herself, she’s pretty much accepted that going after what she wants isn’t worth the trouble.

Joy dreams of redefining herself–as a mother, a wife, and a woman of courage. The only one who sees her potential is her neighbor and best friend Dorothea Westlake. With Dorothea in her corner, Joy can almost believe she is a lioness capable of impacting the world rather than a mouse no one respects.

When a nephew Dorothea hasn’t seen in twenty years moves in under the guise of working on a college dissertation, Joy’s suspicions go into full alert. Why is Gunnar here and what does he want from his trusting aunt? Three days after his arrival, Dorothea disappears. As days turn into weeks with no sign of her friend, Joy becomes convinced something is terribly wrong. With no one taking her concerns seriously, Joy must uncover the truth on her own if she hopes to save Dorothea…and herself.

A story of suspense told with humor and honesty.