I can’t remember ever wanting to do anything but write books. As a kid I knew I couldn’t make a living at it, but it didn’t stop me from dreaming of telling the stories of the people living inside my head. Every Saturday I would tell myself stories while mowing the lawn where I grew up in a house very similar to the Blackwood house in my Jenna’s Creek Series.

When people say nothing ever happens in a small town, they are just not paying attention. Small town scandals and my insatiable curiosity for the story behind the story are what thrust me into the world of fiction.

To this day, I love writing, reading, and sticking my nose in other people’s business. I still live very close to that house in the town that inspired Jenna’s Creek and most of its characters.

My husband and I share our home with two aging rescue dogs, and spend a lot of time with grandkids and many nieces and nephews we love to spoil. My writing goal for this year is to publish some nonfiction books for writers as well as to complete an historical western series. Besides writing, I enjoy reading, hiking, blogging, and now, running, and wish I had more time to do them more often.

The people in my head, they’re still there. As I continue to balance life with writing I’ll strive to give them voice and bring those stories to life.

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