You may think it’s impossible to create a course and make money off what you already know how to do. You may think you’re not that good at anything. You may doubt anyone would read a book or buy a course based on what you like. Or you don’t know enough about the subject to write a book or create a course.

I can almost guarantee you are wrong.

Recently on a podcast I heard someone say that when people need information, they are looking for three things.

  1. Tell me how
  2. Show me how
  3. Do it for me

The first thing we do anytime we’re looking for information is find a knowledgeable source to ask. After we realize that information didn’t do the trick or it wasn’t enough to answer all our questions, we ask someone to show us how to do it. Hence, Youtube.

If that still doesn’t work or we realize we’re too busy or not interested enough to do it ourselves, we pay someone to do it for us.

Tell me. Show me. Do it for me.

This is great news for writers. We can write a book to tell people how to do something, create a course to show them, and finally offer our services to provide whatever information we have that a customer wants. You may still think you don’t know enough about anything to create a course about it. Or the stuff you know isn’t interesting enough to a large enough demographic to warrant spending the time to research and write a book or create a course.

Once again, you’re wrong.

You’re not looking to create a course of interest for the entire world. Or half the world. Or even 5% of it. All you need is to find something you know about already or are good at or have experience with, and create a course geared to a narrow, specific audience of people who want to learn to do the same thing.

Like write a book. Or house train a puppy. Or go kayaking. Or find fulfillment in life.

While I was researching topics on creating a course in a niche that would provide a passive income, I searched the top selling nonfiction books on Amazon. At the time of my search two of the top 25  were guidebooks. One to Seattle and one to someplace I can’t remember. 4 of the books in the top 25 were recipe books. Two more were books of inspirational quotes.

Obviously people are willing to pay someone to show them how to get somewhere and how to enjoy themselves once they reach their destination while others are willing to pay to learn a new recipe…even if they never actually cook anything. Yes, there are those among us who buy recipe books and never try the first recipe. I have books of recipes in my kitchen I thought sounded delicious at the time I bought the book, but I never got around to trying the first one.

Searching through Amazon’s top 100 bestsellers can intimidate even the veteran writer. Some titles are written by acclaimed experts in their field who I could never compete with. But thankfully, many others are published by people just like you and me. People who have information or experience on a topic and find it interesting themselves, and believe there is an audience out there willing to learn from them.

You may not personally know anyone who shares your interests. You may think there’s no market for a course for left-handed, middle-age ping-pong players. Maybe there isn’t. But you can find a way to create a course that offers value to ping-pong players. No matter how narrow the niche or specific the topic, you can write a book or create a course to solve a problem you already overcame.

Once you’ve recognized your interest or genre, narrow it down. Pets is too broad. Writing is too broad. Narrow down your topic. Ie: House training your puppy. Choosing a breeder. Adopting a pet that suits your family. Writing a novel. Creating characters that bring your novel to life.

Identify your interests and talents. Narrow down your niche. Figure out what information you have to offer. Create a product or ebook that answers the questions people starting out with your topic would have. Learn where your customers hang out. Are they on Facebook? Pinterest? Instagram? Let them know what you offer and how to buy it. Make it easy on customers and yourself. You can do much of this before you ever start writing the book or creating the course. More on that later. For now, find your niche. Think about what you love to do that you could teach someone else. You know a lot more than you think you do.




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