I can’t remember ever wanting to do anything but write books. As a kid I knew I couldn’t make a living at it, but it didn’t stop me from dreaming of telling the stories of all those people living inside my head. You can say I’m a late bloomer. My first book, Streams of Mercy, was published the year I turned 40. Most of my books are contemporary romance or women’s fiction with a healthy dose of mystery and humor. I have always been intrigued by small town scandals and love incorporating them into my stories.

My husband Ralph and I live in southern Ohio with our two rescue dogs, Angel and Molly. We have three children and three grands…the lights of my life. My writing goal for this year is to publish some nonfiction books for writers as well as to complete an historical western series. Besides writing, I enjoy reading, hiking, blogging, and now, running, and wish I had more time to do them more often.

The people in my head, they’re still there. As I continue to balance life with writing I’ll strive to give them voice and bring those stories to life. Drop me a line anytime at teresa@teresaslack.com, visit my website www.teresaslack.com and friend me on FaceBook.